Annual report 2012

Social report 2012


Awards Received in the Reporting Period

Government and corporate awards received by the Company’s staff are strong evidence that the high degree of social responsibility and professionalism of the electric grid sector’s employees is recognized. In 2012, orders and medals were awarded to 82 employees of the Company. Compared with 2011, the number of employees who received government awards increased by 6.5%.

For occupational achievements and many years of work, Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation granted the Order of Honor in 2012 to:

  • Leonid Balezin,
    an electrician, for the repair of overhead power lines, South Electricity Networks, Kirovenergo, a branch of IDGC of Center and Volga Region,
  • Pavel Zinchenko,
    Deputy Director General and Chief Engineer, Kubanenergo.

For a contribution to the development of the fuel and energy industry and many years of honorable work, Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 1121 of August 8, 2012, granted the Order of Friendship to

  • Viktor Ivanov,
    an electrician of the operational mobile crew, West Electricity Networks, Pskovenergo, a branch of IDGC of North-West.

For achievements in raising families and the strengthening of family traditions, Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 736 of May 25, 2012, granted the Order of Parental Glory to

  • Sergey Miloserdov,
    Deputy Chief Engineer, Sergach Electricity Networks, Nizhnovenergo, a branch of IDGC of Center and Volga Region.

For help in the organization of life saving in extreme conditions, Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 1174 of August 21, 2012, granted the Medal for Life Saving to:

  • Aleksey Kimyaev,
    an electrician, for the operation of distribution networks, Vyazniki Electric Grid District, Kovrov Electricity Networks, Vladimirenergo, a branch of IDGC of Center and Volga Region.

The Honored Transport Worker of the Russian Federation title was awarded to:

  • Igor Abramov,
    a driver, Tyvaenergo.

15 employees received the Medal of the Order for Merit to the Fatherland (2nd Class).

The Honored Power Engineer of the Russian Federation title was awarded to 61 employees.


Awards 2011 2012
Government awards, including 77 82
Medal of the Order for Merit to the Fatherland (2nd Class) 3 15
Honored Power Engineer of the Russian Federation 32 61
Official awards 934 806
Corporate award 2,277 2,572
Total 3,288 3,460

After the All-Russia Professional Competition of Electrical Insulation and Overvoltage Protection Crews of Distribution Grids, which took place in Astrakhan September 10–15, 2012, the Company management received a letter of gratitude from the All-Russia Trade Association of Employers in the Power Industry (RaEl Association) and the All-Russian Electrounion. The letter underlined “the importance of and the need for such competitions in the electricity industry.” It is also noteworthy that for the first time in the history of professional competitions organized by the Company, the country’s best electrician was selected: the winner of the nationwide stage of the Best Professional All-Russian Professional Contest in the Best Electrician category.

The Company was a prizewinner in the ninth annual contest of annual reports organized by the Krasnodar Territory administration as part of the 11th International Investment Forum in Sochi on September 22. The Company won in the Best Electronic Annual Report category.

In the reporting period, the Company’s display at the Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in the XXI Century exhibition, which took place April 5–7 as part of the Moscow International Energy Forum, was recognized as the Best Corporate Stand.

In March 2012, a professional jury consisting of reputable business communicators, well-known journalists, and representatives of the Russian Public Relations Association (RASO) and the Russian Ministry of Energy selected the most effective communications projects of Russian energy companies. Of the 25 best projects included on the short list of winners of the third annual KonTEKst contest, jointly organized by the Ministry of Energy and RASO to choose the best special projects of energy companies, 11 projects were created by public relations departments of MRSK Holding. The Department for Information Policy and Communications of the Company won in the Environmental Protection Project category for nationwide environmental action, in the Electricity Distribution Grid Sector for Environmental Protection category in 2011 and in the Best Media Coverage of Social and Employment Relations in the Electric Power Industry category for the publication LEP. Leadership. Efficiency. Professionalism magazine, an effective corporate periodical. Additionally, five operating entities of the Company rank among the industry’s 10 information leaders.