Annual report 2012

Social report 2012


Charity and Sponsorship

MRSK Holding as a socially responsible company pays special attention to implementing charitable and sponsorship programs that contribute to strengthening the reputation of the Company and raising the prestige of the electricity distribution grid sector and its appeal to investors. At the same time, the Company controls the proper use of charitable and sponsor aid through auditing and/or receiving reports from businesses and individuals.

The Company’s charitable and sponsorship activities at achieving the following corporate goals in this area:

  • retain and increase intellectual potential (facilitating the implementation of programs in science, education, and instruction)
  • develop cultural and spiritual heritage (supporting projects in culture and the arts, including facilitating the implementation of programs to create, protect, and restore historic and architectural monuments)
  • shape a favorable social environment (supporting organizations and individuals in responding to pressing social issues)
  • provide support for sport (supporting sports projects and a healthy lifestyle)
  • provide assistance for people in need of help (providing target-oriented social support for people who, because of physical or mental particularities or for other reasons, need help)

The Company regards the following entities as the top-priority recipients of charity and sponsorship:

  • institutions and state-financed non-profit organizations engaged in science, medicine, education, instruction, and sport, in the regions serviced by the Company’s operating entities
  • administrations of towns in the regions serviced by the Company’s operating entities (in implementing local charitable and target-oriented programs)
  • non-profit charities and foundations registered in the regions serviced by the Company’s operating entities; and helping orphans, people with disabilities, underprivileged people, hospitals, children’s homes, boarding schools, associations of people with disabilities, and sports, religious, and cultural and educational organizations in constructing and restoring religious buildings and institutions
  • students of energy-related higher education institutions (faculties) and specialized secondary education institutions that are partners of the Company
  • veteran employee.


By supporting the socially efficient projects containing clearly defined goals and measurable results, the Company in 2012 rendered charitable and sponsorship assistance for the following organizations:

  • Russian Association of Heroes
  • International Association of Alpha Counterterrorism Group Veterans
  • All-Russia Public Movement for Support of the Navy
  • Publishers’ Council of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchy).


In 2012, help was provided for the following culture and art institutions:

  • Tula Kremlin
  • Pyaty Teatr Theater
  • Tsybulya Art School
  • Tomskaya Pisanitsa Reserve Museum

Under the Cooperation Agreement of 2010 between the Company and the Russian Orthodox Church, MRSK Holding SDCs helped restore Orthodox relics in various regions of Russia. For example, assistance was provided in 2012 to the Belgorod Monastery in restoring the Krestovozdvizhensky Cathedral, the Cathedral of Venerable Sergius of Radonezh of the Yekaterinburg Eparchy, the Orthodox Ward of the Svyato-Nikitsky Cathedral, the Ward of the All-Saints Cathedral and the Anastasovo Monastery of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin of the Tula Eparchy, the Kazansky Cathedral in Stavropol, Spassky Cathedral of the Khanty-Mansijsk Eparchy in Pyatigorsk, the Revival of Urals Orthodox Relics Foundation, Russian Orthodox Church institutions of the Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk Eparchies, etc.

Repair, restoration, and construction work was also aimed at securing a reliable and stable electricity supply, assisting in cost optimization, and enhancing energy efficiency of monasteries and cathedrals. In the format of charitable communications with educational, historical, cultural, and religious institutions, the Company continued in 2012 to carry out such projects as Energy Efficient School, Energy Efficient Boiler House, Energy Efficient Hospital, Energy Efficient Cathedral, and Energy Efficient Monastery.


SDCs are engaged in a wide range of charity and sponsorship activities. In 2012, target-oriented assistance was provided for retirement homes, children’s homes, federations of people with disabilities, and regional public organizations and charities helping children with disabilities and orphans. These organizations include:

  • Sverdlovsk Region Organization of the All-Russia Association of the Blind
  • Sodeystvie Foundation (projects to create conditions for employment and jobs for young people, receive extended education, and propagate a healthy lifestyle)
  • Bereginya Charity (financial assistance for a trip to the World Children’s Winners’ Games for a team of children from Perm who had recovered from cancer)
  • Istochnik Nadezhdy Charity (efforts to prevent drug dependence among teenagers and other negative phenomena)
  • Detskoe Serdtse (surgery for children with congenital heart diseases)
  • Spiritual Renewal Charity
  • Shag Navstrechu Charity (assistance to people in difficult situations)
  • Golovenkovsky Boarding Home (for mentally disabled blind children)
  • Shchekinsky Special (Corrective) Preschool Children’s Home (for orphans and abandoned children)
  • Illustrated Books for Small Blind Children Foundation (special publications for blind children)
  • Ryazan Region Department of the Russian Public Charitable Fund of War, Labor and Armed Forces Veterans (Pensioners)
  • Perm Territory Council of War, Labor, Armed Force and Law Enforcement Veterans (Pensioners)
  • Council of War, Labor, Armed Force and Law Enforcement Veterans of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
  • Dagestan Republic Council of War, Labor, Armed Force and Law Enforcement Veterans (Pensioners)
  • Council of Veterans of the Chechen Republic
  • Kabardino-Balkarian Republic Public Organization of War, Labor, Armed Force and Law Enforcement Veterans (Pensioners)
  • Children’s homes and child care centers
  • Pyatigorsk Integrated Social Service Center, and many others.


Given the importance of developing and supporting sport, the Company’s operating entities in 2012 provided sponsorship for sports organizations. For instance, Dynamo Sports Club; such ice hockey clubs as Traktor Chelyabinsk and Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg; the Judo Federation of the North Caucasian Federal District; the Russian Chess Federation; children’s sports schools; the Sports Development Center of the Uralsky urban settlement; and many others.


MRSK Holding SDCs and their branches in 2012 continued to provide financial assistance for employees affected by difficult situations as a result of diseases, fires, or natural disasters.

This was highlighted by the tragic situation resulting from heavy rains and flooding in the Krasnodar Territory in July 2012. Employees of the Company and its SDCs came forward with the initiative to help the victims by taking an active part in raising funds and collecting essentials. In addition, employees of electric power grid companies voluntarily donated part of their salaries to the fund of assistance for the victims living in several localities in Kuban.

For their part, SDCs also rendered targeted substantial assistance to Kubanenergo employees affected by the flooding in the Krasnodar Territory. Individuals made donations of 23.2 million rubles to their colleagues from Kubanenergo, while the Company’s SDCs gave charitable aid of 24.95 million rubles.